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My name is Cindi and I have been beading for about 6 years. With me it is a passion. I also like to sculpt and paint. My Motto is "There are so many crafts and so little time".

I was married for 26 years to the most wonderful man alive. He died unexpectedly on October 22, 2002 while on a business trip. We live in the country on 5 acres in Upper East Tennessee. The second most wonderful man in my life lives in Mass., and is 32 and available! :) I also have a rosebud angel, a child that went home to God, at seven months of age.

I have a german shepard and a golden retriever. I also have four cats, two of which are calico. We are the parents of a half moon conure and a genday conure parrot.

I have a "secret garden" where I meditate and it has a pond with 5 large koi and thirty or more babies. This has been a good year for the pond.

I see the beauty of God each time I take a walk on my property. I am grateful to God that he has honored me with this sacred space.

My Beadwork Gallery

Namir, Fairy of the Cats!

Sadly, the adopt-a-fairy site has closed, so it is no longer possible to adopt your own from that site.
But, you can do a search and find another site with fairies if you like!

You have blessed me with a visit times. Please come again

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